White Jade Meanings, Properties and Uses


A natural stone, White Jade can emanate vibrant white light. Further, it has a thought-provoking depth to its meaning as well as properties, with its roots in positive and calm energies. But this Jade stone shows such energies in a tangible manner. With the presence of White Jade, you’ll feel threads of calmness lacing around you. If you want to know more about this stone then keep on reading.

What is White Jade?

White Jade Meaning

White Jade is a type of Nephrite Jade that is typically off-white, cream, or white in color. Also, it is a calcium-magnesium silicate mineral. When it is a pale yellow or translucent white this stone is called Mutton Fat Jade. Besides, White Jade is called Chicken Bone Jade, especially it is opaque white or light brown.

Since it is quite common, this variety of Jade can be mined in different parts of the world. And since it’s not a precious crystal, there are actually more deposits that aren’t revealed yet. But the good thing is that it is extremely affordable making it a stone accessible to everybody.

Nephrites are usually found in China as well as Canada. However, they’re mined in Guatemala too. These are the major deposits all over the world, but other countries are also exporting White Jade. For example, Canada’s western side, the Swiss Alps, and New Zealand are rich too several colors and variations though.

There are also other deposits in Myanmar. Keep in mind that White Jade isn’t the only stone extracted in such places, Other colors and nuances are found too. As a matter of fact, Canada has a distinct style of Jade called the Canada Jade.

The Meaning and Uses of White Jade

Uses of White Jade

White Jade holds lots of meanings. It is said that it comes with the brilliant and positive power of light that is right in the crystal. This Jade variety has the capability to enhance or boost the energies of love in your life. It makes challenges seem much easier. If you have a troubled mind this stone will make you calmer.

White Jade is also acknowledged for its power to make you more peaceful and calmer. Its healing energies are also known in various counties since it has the capability to purify the heart’s energies.

Moreover, this gemstone helps you accept certain realities in your life that can no longer be changed. It will boost your luck while improving your relationship with other people. If you want to furnace a friendship or make your connection to other people stronger, you should always have White Jade with you.

The stone’s energies will motivate you to become kinder to others. It will even help you eliminate feelings of rejection, isolation, and loneliness.

On the other hand, this white stone will get rid of the bitterness, anger, and hurt in the heart. It will shine a healing and positive light on emotional traumas. With the assistance of White Jade, you can transform negative feelings into positive ones so that you will be able to move forward to your future.

The frequencies of White Jade will connect to the chakra. It will activate and at the same time unlock the chakras. As a result, you will become more open to obtaining information and supervision from the higher world. The stone will link the higher energy so that you’ll strengthen your consciousness of higher dimensions. Further, it will boost your insights and aid you act on your personal intuition.

Another good thing about this stone is that it connects you to the impulse of your soul. Therefore, you’ll be able to live a more enlightened and spiritual life. In fact, it is a life that is in harmony with higher energies as well as an understanding of the bigger image of life experience.

White Jade Metaphysical Properties

White Jade Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned, White Jade is not costly and rare. Thus, the majority of jewelers see it as a normal stone. This variety of Jade looks really good with everything due to its light color that is neutral. However, the majority of its fame is given by its metaphysical properties.

White Jade is typically used in healing as well as for health purposes. When kept around or worn as a piece of jewelry, the stone can offer amazing properties through the kidney and bladder.

In addition to that, this stone has many benefits over relationships and love. White Jade can calm strong emotions particularly when they’re negative. It even promotes a passive approach and inspires you to perceive things as they are instead of following your imagination. Gentleness and compassion will kick in unavoidably. 

We all know that negative feelings or emotions take place in every relationship and it happens to everybody. But by simply having a piece of White Jade beside you can stop these feelings from arising.

On the other hand, White Jade’s metaphysical properties will also have an effect on your social status and wealth. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have a piece of this stone around, you’ll become rich overnight. But it is worth mentioning that it does have a part to play when it comes to attaining abundance, prosperity, and richness in your life.

Believe it or not, White Jade has been utilized for such purposes for centuries. It is considered to be a lucky gemstone whether it came to business, love, or health.

In today’s day and age, the benefits of this stone are proven effective. Whether you’re lacking self-confidence or inspiration in your force, this Jade variety will put you back on track. All the metaphysical properties of White Jade contribute to the stone’s growing popularity,

The Benefits of White Jade

Now that you have an idea about the meanings, uses, and metaphysical properties of White Jade, let’s take a look at its benefits in various aspects.

For Physical Healing

White Jade For Physical Healing

In terms of physical healing, this white stone may help the body in healing itself. White Jade can support your bladder as well as your kidney. It will even ease arthritis and other diseases associated with the bones and joints.

This stone also helps with high blood pressure, fluid retention, and irregular levels of blood sugar. White Jade will also stabilize and correct the powers in the reproductive system. It enhances the fertility cycle and during pregnancy, it protects the mommy and baby.

The stone helps in the treatment of problems in one’s reproductive system. It will also offer relief for menstrual pains. Cancer patients may also benefit from this white stone and even those who are dealing with diabetes.

White Jade can effectively purify the system thus eliminating all the toxins. It can also be utilized to enhance liver functions. Last but not least, it will strengthen the skin and eyes and boost the immune system of the body.

For Emotional Healing

White Jade For Emotional Healing

When it comes to emotional healing, White Jade is proven beneficial as well. In fact, it’s known to have a powerful effect on its wearer or owner.

The power of this white stone is perfect for calming down a person even at the most difficult time of their life. It will also remind them to sustain their composure to surpass any problem.

The calming energies of White Jade can bring optimistic light into a life that may touch and at the same time purify your heart. With that in mind, you will be able to keep negative feelings and thoughts at bay. What’s more, you will positive things transpire.

With this stone, you will enhance the quality of the relationship that you have with others, especially ones that are built on love’s foundation.

When making a friendship and strengthening the connection that you share with your family, you will notice that the White Jade stones are capable of releasing the tensions that you’re holding back when it comes to such a relationship.

In addition to that, this stone can ease the process of communicating with others around you effectively and openly. White Jade can help you if you need the motivation to approach others with more consideration and kindness.

Its energies will focus on the removal of feelings of greed, rage, solitude, and resentment. Then, it will transform these negative feelings with healing and pure energies making you leave or forget the emotional trauma you have experienced before.

White Jade can also bring overwhelming energies of love and warmth and love. This, in turn, will let you remain optimistic in any situation of life rather than disintegrating under pressure especially when everything gets rough.

Because of the healing properties of White Jade, it will change the manner in which you view life to a greater extent, in the sense that it makes you perceive it in a positive light. This stone will also allow you to regroup all your thoughts and then concentrate on things that really matter rather than wasting the powers of your brain on today’s trouble that isn’t going to matter in the future.

When you keep a piece of White Jade with you, you’ll stay thankful for the simple because everything may vanish when the right time comes. Hence, when you are experiencing things that you can’t even control, you need to accept them without any hesitation rather than fighting them. What’s more, have faith that even the hardest will come to an end sooner or later.

When combined with other stones like Tigers Eye, you will be able to accept the certainties of life much easier. What’s more, White Jade will offer you the encouragement and bravery to get up above all the hardships.

This white stone will also infuse those who are using it with good luck. Nevertheless, another great way where White Jade makes emotional healing takes place is by associating with all the chakras and allowing them to work together in accord. As a result, you will be able to attain a higher sense of yourself.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

White Jade For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chakra healing as well as balancing has sustained the intrigue and interest of people forever. Stones and crystals are associated with certain chakras and are utilized to align and balance them.

For White Jade, it is associated with the crown chakra and heart chakra. The heart chakra can be found close to your breastbone. When you feel that you are out of control of your life or out of place, meaning to say your heart chakra is not aligned. It is worth noting that it can cause trouble with your ability to let go, love and accept.

Fortunately, White Jade can help you by purifying your heart’s energies and re-energizing your emotional potential by aligning your heart chakra correctly. The stone may help you react casually and calmly toward a situation that would otherwise dislocate your emotional standing. You will be able to handle the problems and struggles of everyday life without being frustrated, stressed out, and overwhelmed.

Aside from that, Wide Jade will open your heart to healthy and positive acceptance. As a matter of fact, communication becomes even more effective and you’ll become more capable of managing your range of feelings. The stone will allow you to detach yourself from negative emotions draining your contentment.

White Jade, on the other hand, helps with your crown chakra. This chakra is actually connected to your mind as well as functions with the mental disposition.

If your crown chakra is properly aligned it will infuse clarity within you. Things you’re conflicted and confused about will take new clarified forms in the mind. It will offer tranquility and calmness.

When your White Jade balances your crown chakra you will be able to make decisions more effectively and easily. It will activate your capability to acknowledge, learn and observe. Thus, this white stone will induce intuition and wisdom.

In addition to that, balancing your crown chakra is crucial for self-realization. It will also help you to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses or limitations.

White Jade will offer great help when it comes to self-confidence. This, in turn, will make you more certain of your actions and assuring that each step you take will further strengthen your confidence.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

White Jade For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Another great thing about White Jade is that it can also bring abundance, richness, and prosperity to one’s life. During the ancient period, this white gemstone has been prized due to its capability to bring luck not only in health and love but for business too.

It is safe to say that you can use White Jade as your supporter stone for life since it will look out for your interests at all times.

Moreover, it is a beneficial stone especially when you are losing your confidence and motivation to achieve your goals in life. It will offer support when it comes to overcoming financial problems. One more thing, it will improve all types of good fortune and good luck in your life.

With the help of this stone, you will direct all your energies to where they’ll be most beneficial or advantageous. It filters the disruptions and lets you visualize the best results possible. You can also use it to determine whether someone likes or dislikes you.

White Jade will make you aware of the recommendations, feelings, and opinions of other people. In fact, this will bring more cooperation and harmony to your workplace.

For Relationship and Love

White Jade For Relationship Love

This stone will soothe your powerful emotions and inspire you to handle the problems with your partner with calmness and kindness. Surely, you cannot avoid saying insensitive words or snapping out at your significant other, but with the help of White Jade, you will remain gentle and calm.

The stone may help in removing negative feelings or emotions that prevent you from thinking properly and clearly. Its powers will lift you and strengthen you. As a result, you can make the right decisions about heart matters.

White Jade, on the other hand, will make fortify your mind and encourage emotional healing. It helps in releasing the feelings that are stopping you from moving on. This stone has stabilizing as well as gentle energies that can relieve anxieties and get rid of negative emotions caused by insecurity, fear, and jealousy.

This stone will support and help you to do the correct thing by making you perceive the possible consequences of your certain actions. Aside from bringing longevity, wealth, and health, White Jade can also inspire emotional balance and love and harmony, and peace in your relationships.

It can offer you the strength to keep pace with the fluctuating landscape of love. In fact, White Jade will even make you a more trustworthy and faithful better half.

The stone makes you understand how lucky you’re to experience love as well as be loved by someone incredibly. It will keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and teach you how to become more charitable and caring in your relationship.

Both your achievements and successes will fuel you to become a good partner and not the other way around. Remember that there will be struggles and challenges in love from time to time. But White Jade will ensure that you’re equipped with the correct amount of determination and bravery.

Lastly, this stone comes with a steady, loving, and gentle energy that is compassionate and just.


White Jade For Protection

Whiter Jade will protect you against negative influences and energies. It is also a great crystal that will keep you stable and grounded even when there are a lot of things happening in your life. Moreover, White Jade will boost the ability of your body to protect and defend itself.


White Jade For Confidence

As mentioned, White Jade is considered one of the best stones for good luck and good fortune. But on top of that, it’s also believed to bring clarity and self-confidence into your life.

Further, it is believed to have the mysterious capability to help you determine when you are holding back yourself with restricting beliefs. With a piece of White Jade at your side, you will be able to smash through these distractions and accomplish the dream you have longed for all time.


White JAde for Anxiety
Children together at modern school

Another benefit of White Jade is that it helps in calming anxiety – a situation you don’t want to deal with in a critical situation. It’s believed to clear away worry as well as nervousness. It will even soothe annoyance and instill more composed personalities.  And please note it acts as a great calming amulet.

Career Success

White Jade For Career Success

Since ancient periods, White Jade stones have always been one of the highly valued stones for prosperity, harmony, and abundance. However, it’s also considered a lucky gemstone that can encourage the flow of prosperity and abundance in one’s professional life.

So, if you want to take a new step in your career or have a new business or project, it is important that you plan for your financial permanency and this is where White Jade comes into play. This white stone is excellent for career success. It helps you stay wise and pushes you to stay reliable and work towards your career goals.

Combining White Jade with Other Crystal Stones

The following are some of the best stones that you can pair with your White Jade. So, if you want to further enhance the stone’s powers and energies you may want to use any of the combinations below.

White Jade + Pyrite

White Jade + Pyrite

Pyrite is also called the Fool’s Gold. In fact, its outer form as well as its cubic structure looks like gold. Having that said, this stone has been considered an amulet for wealth attraction. It will also pave your direction to a wealthy future. When combined with White Jade, it will bring tons of wealth and luck to your life.

White Jade + Green Aventurine

White Jade + Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is dubbed as the stone of opportunity. When paired with White Jade, it will guide you toward a better future. This happens because these two stones will present better opportunities in life. They are great stones that will prevent you from overlooking any chances that may possibly turn your life around.

White Jade + Tiger’s Eye

White Jade + Tiger’s Eye

Another great stone that you can pair with your white Jade is Tiger’s Eye. Known as the stone of the mind, Tiger’s Eye will help you to take the harsh realities and truths. So, it will plunge you forward in life by eliminating previous obstacles and giving you clarity of mind.

This crystal combination will discourage you from a bad impulsive decision, instead, it will promote persistence for the correct things in life. White Jade and Tiger’s Eye are also known for helping a person to stay focused and concentrate on their goals and dreams, helping towards the completion of a project.

White Jade + Citrine

White Jade + Citrine

Citrine is dubbed the stone of the lucky merchant. Together with White Jade, Citrine will welcome wealth and success abundantly. This combination is famous for its financial improvement and for helping you keep an optimistic mindset. In addition to that, both stones will promote kindness with wealth which is crucial to keep morals in check, in case you become greedy.

White Jade + Amethyst

White Jade + Amethyst

Amethyst is a very calming stone. it will soothe your inner self as well as open a lot of doors for communication in different realms. When paired with White Jade, this purple stone will also help you in attaining spiritual clarification and better consciousness of the world we’re currently living in.

White Jade + Labradorite

White Jade + Labradorite

Labradorite is called the stone of magic. It is a strange gemstone that comes with mystical powers. When combined with White Jade, Labradorite will protect you from the unknown since you will be able to get a more profound awareness of the spiritual realm.

White Jade + Blue Lace Agate

White Jade + Blue Lace Agate

When it comes to communication, pairing your Blue Lace Agate with White Jade is extremely beneficial. These two stones will help you in brushing off an unfavorable feelings and offer you an improved understanding of the world and most importantly, yourself.

White Jade + Lapis Lazuli

White Jade + Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is dominant in speaking your truth, self-discovery, deeper enlightenment, and higher consciousness. When paired with White Jade, it will improve your perception and cognitive skills. The stones will also allow you to look into the spiritual realm through dreams as well as their meanings.

Is White Jade a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Much like other stones, White Jade is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

White Jade is March Birthstone

White Jade is March Birthstone

White Jade is one of the best birthstones for those born in March (Pisces). It’s a good luck charm for them and offers emotional stability and strength since they are very emotional and sensitive individuals.

White Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

White Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

White Jade is primarily connected to the zodiac sign Libra. Librans are calm, strong-willed, and fair-minded and most importantly, share the elements of balance with the white stone.

Meditation with White Jade

Meditation with White Jade

Meditating with your White Jade is particularly beneficial to your spiritual, mental, and physical health.

However, if you are not familiar with the practice, no worries because it is pretty easy. Nevertheless, here’s how to meditate with your White Jade.

  1. Lie or sit in a position you are comfortable. Make sure there is no distraction. Also, you can burn some incense or light a white candle to make a peaceful space.
  2. When you’re all set, you will need to breathe normally without effort or strain for a while. Also, focus on the breath that enters the nostrils and then follow it as it will go down into your windpipe as well as your lungs.
  3. Follow the gasp on the exhale in the same manner until things seem to be settled and calmed.
  4. Hold a piece of White Jade in each hand. Then place one close to your feet so that you will be reminded of your association with the Earth. 
  5. Allow all your thoughts to access your mind. However, you will need to leave them alone.
  6. Imagine that your thoughts are draining away over your feet and hands into the white stones, in which are transformed into safe energies.

How to Cleanse and Charge White Jade?

How to Cleanse and Charge White Jade?

It is very important to cleanse and charge your White Jade since it is your metaphysical tool. If you’re using your stone for healing purposes then it has been absorbing negative energies.

To get rid of such energies you will need to cleanse your White Jade properly since it’s crucial to keep it at its maximum potential.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most effective methods that you can use when cleansing and charging your White Jade.

  1. Sage Smoke – for this method you will need to submerge your White Jade in a bowl of sage smoke. It’s crucial that the stone is completely immersed in the smoke to make sure it is engulfed in the essence of sage.
  2. Sunlight – this Jade variety can be cleansed and charged with a good sunbath. In fact, the sunlight will re-energize your White Jade and bring it back to its full form.
  3. Tibetan Singing Bowl – to do this, you will need to use a singing bowl. Place your Jade close to the bowl as you play the bowl’s vibrations. The sound will resonate through your White Jade, cleaning it carefully. As you’re playing the bowl, make sure to keep a positive mindset and say this phrase mentally “May these healing vibrations clean my White Jade will all negative energies and soak in light and love.”
  4. Moonlight – when cleansing your White Jade, you can trust the powers of the moonlight all the time. To perform this method perfectly, you will need to wait for the full moon. Place the gemstone in which the moonlight flashes on it completely. The moonlight will lift the energies of your White Jade and purify it. By the way, you can combine this technique with the crystal singing bowl.

Nevertheless, when you are trying to clean a White Jade statue or carving, water, and soap can do the magic. You will also need a soft cloth and if possible, avoid dirty clothes and hard sponges as tiny particles may scratch your White Jade

Make sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove residues and dry it, however, you don’t need to over-dry it because White Jade features water in its composition.

Though it is not expensive and rare, it is important that you take care of it properly to make the most out of its powers and energies.

Final Thoughts

White Jade is a wonderful stone that has the capability to smooth down your emotions, actions, and thoughts. In fact, it will help you remove negative thoughts and negative energies. White Jade, on the other hand, is an inexpensive stone that can bring luck, peace, and tranquility into your life. It will even improve the way how you make decisions.

This white stone will remove all the disruptions and only allow the best outcomes to take place. It is extremely valuable to the heart in a spiritual and at the same time physical sense. Moreover, it is a protective stone that will save you from many different dangers that may come along the way.

White Jade will make you imitate your journey and what hindrances you have to beat to get where you are. With this stone, you are more likely to attain all your desires in life. As a result, you will have a contented heart.

Thank you for reading today’s post. We hope that you have learned a lot from it.


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