White Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses

White Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of White Sapphire

White is one of the most common colors of a Sapphire stone. As we all know white has been associated with purity, freedom and justice. Thus, white sapphires also bring such attributes to our everyday lives. With this variety of sapphire, you will clear out your mind and determine where you should focus your attention.

Moreover, with this stone, you will direct your energy to things that offer you positive emotions. It teaches you to have faith and courage in the influence of a higher power in order to balance your emotion. If you’re afraid of processing your spiritual power as well as purpose so that you can overcome the persecution of present and past lives.

What is White Sapphire?

white sapphire meaning

White Sapphire is also called “Leucosapphire,” which comes from the Greek leykos-Blanco. Its colorless appearance and transparency are the total nonappearance of foreign foundations to the crystalline structure that would offer it a color. We all know that the process of coloring natural minerals will depend on the existence of elements like aluminum, iron, chromium, as well as many others within the gem’s structure.

When it comes to the hardness, White Sapphire responds to 9 on the Mohs scale. And often, it’s carved to bright. The stone’s value will increase based on the carat. Meaning to say, the higher the carat the more expensive the stone would be.

On the other hand, this type of Sapphire reflects silver and cold light. It is also a precious stone that is loved by many jewelry creators. As a matter of fact, it is also used as an excellent alternative to Diamond. Keep in mind that, the best White Sapphire is the one that is totally colorless.

White Sapphires are also unique and rare, it is because they are free of remains. After Diamond, Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone while being one of the costliest gemstones that are extracted from deposits in Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Madagascar.

The Meanings and Uses of White Sapphire

uses of white sapphire

White Sapphire is an excellent stone that keeps one’s honor, truth and purity. When you wear this stone, you will never lie and even keep big secrets as its energy does not allow that. The stone, on the other hand, will bring out the truth and reveal the essence of personality. It will encourage yourself spiritually and improve your connection with the higher divine mind. What’s more, the energies within a White Sapphire will bring peace and improve one’s nervous state.

For those who need strength in their endeavors especially if they are working, a White Sapphire can be a great help. As mentioned, it will give you a clear mind and improve your leadership skills. You can remember easily, while your motivation will increase and strengthen.

With White Sapphire, you become wiser and at the same time disciplined. It will also help you become an excellent speaker. Thus, your words will be perceived by everyone surround you. Your actions and words will affect others especially those who are listening to you. You will speak clearly and louder.

It is also worth mentioning that this stone will help to be more certain of your knowledge and yourself. Please note that when you feel good, your thoughts will become more productive.

Its energies will also purify and strengthen your aura. The White Sapphire helps you dive deeper into your subconscious. If you use this stone on a regular basis you will have a great connection with your guardian angels. It will also help you in obtaining the knowledge that is not accessible to everybody.

White Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

White Sapphire Metaphysical Properties
Pregnant woman holding a pregnancy tester. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Much like other stones, White Sapphires also have metaphysical properties. This white stone is extremely beneficial for women since it corrects problems related to the reproductive system and will stimulate fertility.

White Sapphire honors the superior spirit, giving self-control, intuition and clarity. Used throughout the ages for spiritual vision, protection and good fortune, the white sapphire is not just a sign of strength and power but also of wise and good judgment.

It will carry pure energy for the clarity of thoughts as well as the opening of the mind’s powers. Through the crown chakra, it will increase awareness of this issue and offer the needed resolution in order to overcome challenges to the spiritual path itself.

White Sapphire will also reveal your talent as well as potential and inspire you to stay true to your choices and live with integrity.

The stone will free your mind from negative thoughts and let you tackle new tasks with new perspectives. It enhances objectivity and clarity in the vision of direct paths and encourages alignment and integrity with the ideals of every person in their life options.

If you have an inferiority complex, you can also benefit from this stone. It will offer you support in the search for a child’s ambition or dream the seems impossible.

The Benefits of White Sapphire

Listed below are some of the benefits of white sapphire that you may not know yet.

For Physical Healing

white sapphire for physical healing

White Sapphire is an excellent stone that helps in detoxifying the body. Meaning to say, with the help of this stone you will get rid of poisons from your body. You will be happy, healthy and relaxed.

Those who have problems with their thyroid, eyes, or ears should get this stone. On the other hand, people who have an ocular infection can be cured using a white sapphire. In addition to that, it helps with headaches and problems with blood vessels. One more thing, elderly individuals who have dementia should also wear a piece of White Sapphire.

Similar to other varieties and color shades of sapphire, a white sapphire helps in the treatment of blood problems as well as gland regulation from overactive body systems and making the veins more flexible and stronger. Last but not least, it will keep too much bleeding under control.

For Emotional Healing

white sapphire for emotional healing

White Sapphires will clear your mind of negative thoughts. If you are scared of speaking out and socializing or who have been told they were useless, you can also take advantage of this stone.

White sapphire will release emotional tensions and restore balance in the body aligning not only the spiritual and physical planes but all the mental ones.

The stone will also help you recover from painful memories or personal loss, reminding you that things should pass and one day everything will be alright.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

white sapphire for chakra healing and balancing

Much like other stones, White Sapphire is also associated with the crown chakra or Sahasrara chakra. This chakra will let you open the world beyond your imagination and physical body. Also, it is thought to be one of the main sources of spirituality.

On the other hand, the crown chakra will give you a connection to the higher self and let you see the universal truth. By simply wearing this lovely white stone, your chakra will be balanced, therefore, it will result in balanced well-being and energy.

In today’s belief, the meaning of white sapphire is associated with people looking for an inner truth. In case you didn’t know, the crown chakra is crucial to your wisdom quality, maintaining the harmony and balance between the inner soul and the body.

It is also believed that white sapphire serves the bridge and further enhance the skills of channeling and communication with the higher spiritual being.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

white sapphire for wealth fetching and abundance

White Sapphires are considered the stones for fairness. As a matter of fact, its energies may invite abundance and prosperity to your life. It is also a great stone that can assist those who want to achieve success in their business without trading what they really believe in.

On the other hand, the White Sapphire will help you in reaching your dreams and goals as well as invite more optimistic opportunities in life. Furthermore, the stone may help in seeing a certain situation clearly. Most importantly, it will make you look forward to getting a reward for all your efforts and hard work.

For Relationship and Love

white sapphire for relationship and love

White Sapphire is a great soothing crystal. It can help people who have painful memories. With this stone, you can overcome the pain easily, especially if you lost a loved one.

What’s more, with the assistance of stone together with its energies, you will start to appreciate yourself, bringing strength and confidence.

White Sapphire, on the other hand, encourages faithfulness, honesty, loyalty and respect most especially to your partner. It will help you have clearer insights into your relationship and perceive things objectively. In fact, even though the insight is not positive, you need to be positive since you’ve just learned the truth. Please note that the moment you know the truth, you can take action to change things.

Besides, with White Sapphire, your current relationship will be more stable. If your relationship is going through difficult times, this stone will help you stay on the ground firmly. With its assistance, you can remove any negative emotion. It teaches you to recharge yourself emotionally and how to accomplish balance.

White Sapphire will help you learn to love yourself. It gives you the bravery to forget and at the same time to accept. With this white stone, you’ll become more stable and stronger. If you are having a hard time communicating with your partner, you can always depend on White Sapphire since it will help you communicate and open up honestly. One more thing, by holding or wearing a piece of this stone you’ll no longer feel inferior.

For Protection

white sapphire for protection

White Sapphire can also be utilized for protection. As a matter of fact, if you’re worried that you have spiritual, mental, emotional or physical issues, this stone might be beneficial for you. The healing energies within this stone can protect you from black magic, poison, diseases and even ill wishes.

For Sleep Insomnia

white sapphire for insomnia

Quality sleep is important for all of us. Complete and profound rest is a vitality pack driving you for the duration of the day. What’s more, it will cause you to finish the necessary works and assignments. It’s during the rest where your body gets restored and repaired and your brain gets vital.

However, if you are having a hard time sleeping getting enough rest is impossible. So, if you want to have a good night’s sleep, make sure to sleep together with a piece of White Sapphire. What’s more, it can bring positive dreams and eliminate nightmares.

For Depression and Anxiety

white sapphire for anxiety and depression

White sapphire is a stone that also has the energy and power to soothe anxious feelings and nervousness. It will protect you from all types of stress. Since you will have a clear mind, you will surely have a great concentration.

We highly recommend that you wear white sapphire to get rid of negative thoughts, negativity, feelings of anxiety and depression.

Combining Sapphire with Other Crystal Stones

White Sapphire is already a powerful stone on its own. However, if you want to further improve its powers, energies and vibrations, then consider working with the crystal combinations below.

White Sapphire + Blue Sapphire

White Sapphire + Blue Sapphire

Together, white sapphire and blue sapphire will release you from your mental sufferings and inner prisons that caused you to be emotionally closed off. This combination will get rid of your depression and imbue you with happy and light moods. They will bring calm as well as focus your mind.

Another great thing about this combination is that it will restore the balance in your body. They will offer you the strength of mind, thus you won’t be easily swayed by the opinions and thoughts of other people. The stones will promote a restored understanding of yourself and help you become safer in your convictions and wisdom.

With blue sapphire and white sapphire, you will be able to express your truth to other people. They will bring your relationship and communication to a whole new level.

When combined with white sapphire, the healing energy of blue sapphire is perfect for eliminating the inferiority complex. In fact, you will become more confident to join a social situation and voice out what you feel or think. They will offer you support in going after childhood dreams or making your life ambition come true.

One more thing, together with the white sapphire, the beautiful and strong rays of Blue Sapphire are great for unlocking the third eye and throat chakras.

White Sapphire + Emerald

White Sapphire + Emerald

Emerald is one of the best stones for the heart because it symbolizes universal love, mercy and compassion. It all embodies all the wonderful things in this universe and how they are all interconnected with love. It will encourage spiritual, emotional, physical and mental balance.

Anyway, when you combine white sapphire and emerald, everything will become harmonious and aligned. Thus, you can enjoy a more illuminating and lighter existence.

These stones will boost the energy levels in your body and further improve the flow of energy between the upper and lower chakras. They also help in manifesting a loving and peaceful existence. The stones will teach you how you can stay fulfilled and happy by simply being yourself. The green color of Emerald symbolizes respect that you should possess for creation and life.

On the other hand, this crystal combination will offer you a stronger sense of responsibility to only obtain what you need and give back what you have taken. This is to ensure that the balance won’t be interrupted.

The energies of white sapphire and emerald will motivate you to live in a more loving, considerate, harmonious and generous way.

White Sapphire + Selenite

White Sapphire + Selenite

If you’re having a hard time sleeping, this powerful combination will definitely solve your problem. If you have a disturbed and noisy mind especially when lying on your bed at night, the calming vibrations of white sapphire and selenite may ease negative and chaotic thoughts, clearing and cleansing the mind so that you will have a restful sleep.

These stones, on the other hand, will offer a stress-free environment, tranquility and peace during the night. They will make such a protective shield with seals of positive energies.

With the soothing blue energies of Angelite, the stone will help bring inner peace and a sense of calmness to its user. It will help in relieving anxieties, worries and stress so that you will be able to sleep better. In addition to that, the Angelite is a great crystal problem solver as you dream, so you can wake up with a fresh idea.

So as the selenite clears chaotic thoughts that keeping you awake at night and calm your mind, White Sapphire will induce deep sleep while improving angelic communicating capabilities, helping connection to the angelic world as you sleep. And as you go on the astral journey, selenite and white sapphire will make sure that you stay protected for a successful and safe come back.

White Sapphire + Lepidolite

White Sapphire + Lepidolite

Another beautiful stone that you can pair with your white sapphire is the lepidolite. This stone has gentle vibrations that deeply resonate with the crown chakra. As a matter of fact, lepidolite doesn’t activate or open the crown chakra directly but works via the subconscious. With that in mind, it is an excellent stone that will keep you calm in a challenging situation, dealing with changes and suitable for astral traveling.

Together, white sapphire and lepidolite will resist the negative effects of stress thanks to their soothing and calm energies. They will help you remain at peace and centered, opening the gateways in order to stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorder.

Both stones are highly protective as well. They have the capability to clear electromagnetic pollution. Thus, you can place these stones close to your computer and other devices to absorb electromagnetic charges.

In addition to that, white sapphire and lepidolite will get rid of negativity while establishing protective walls around your auric field so you will not absorb negative influences and emotions from your environment.

Is White Sapphire A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Unfortunately, White Sapphire is a not a natural birthstone. However, it is considered as a zodiac stone.

White Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

White Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

White Sapphire is the zodiac crystal stone for people under the sign of Taurus, between April 20 and May 20.

Taurus as we all know is represented as a bull due to its characteristics of being quiet yet strong. What’s more, it’s ruled by the planet Venus that rules the Libra as well.

On the other hand, those who are born under this sign are known for being down to Earth. Also, they are the realists and doers and affectionate. But they are so stubborn.

Meditation with White Sapphire

Meditation with White Sapphire

The vibrational frequencies of White Sapphire will stimulate the unconscious mind, improving your capability to remember and experience your dreams. In meditation, you will find your unconscious mind to be more active under the influence of white sapphire. As a matter of fact, this influence will allow you to reach a higher world of creativity and astral project as well. This will then allow you to reach unseen worlds of consciousness. If you want to practice dream yoga and lucid dreaming, white crystal is perfect for you.

How to Cleanse and Recharge White Sapphire?

How to Cleanse and Recharge White Sapphire

When cleansing a white sapphire, you will need to submerge it in a container or glass that has a mixture of distilled water with warm water. Make sure to soak it for at least 30 minutes for better results.

When it comes to activating it, you will need to bring white sapphire with you during an activity where you usually give off happiness. By doing this, you will be able to charge it with positive energies. You will also get it improved in the forthcoming.

However, if you notice that you’re giving off negative energies during such an activity, you will need to clean it right away and begin the process again.

White Sapphire should not be charged with negative energies most especially if it is an engagement ring. Why? Because it could result in marriage in a bad way. So, make sure that energies are pure and positive.

Final Thoughts

White Sapphire will provide focus while clearing your mind. It will help you make decisions and find your life path. Each one of us has a lot of paths to go, but the decision you need to make takes away as well as adds paths to your life.

White Sapphires facilitate in making the right decision for you by channeling one’s inner desires. It is a personal crystal that will help you work in yourself, your life as well as how to make your visions into reality.

The white sapphire, on the other hand, will align with all the Taureneans out there especially those who are having a hard time making decisions about even the simplest things.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from today’s post.


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