Yellow Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Yellow Sapphire

The alluring and mesmerizing Sapphire forms in more colors than just the more popular blues. And one of these colors carries the vibrancy and might of the enduring sun— the yellow sapphire.

Like all kinds of sapphire, the sapphire honors the higher mind and brings clarity, intuition, and self-mastery, along with the energies of the sun embracing you in positivity and happiness while increasing your wealth through enhanced mental acuity and intellectuality and pushing you towards financial and professional success.

What is Yellow Sapphire?

yellow sapphire meaning

Sapphires are a variety of Conundrums. This is an aluminum oxide mineral forming in bipyramidal, prismatic tabular, and rhombohedral crystals. They can also be massive or granular habits. Sapphires appear opaque and transparent.

The low iron content in a conundrum is responsible for its yellow coloring. Yellow sapphires are also known as golden sapphire if they have an intense yellow color. The highest quality occurs in a lemon-yellow shade.

Sapphires are rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it one of the toughest crystals, second only to diamond. It has no cleavage which makes them prone to breaking when hit.

The commercial mining locations for all sapphires include Afghanistan, Colombia, Malawi, India, Thailand, the US, Nepal, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, China, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Myanmar, Laos, Madagascar, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

The Meaning and Uses of Yellow Sapphire

The term Corundum is of Indian origin. It is derived from the Sanskrit term “korund” and refers to the opaque massive gems usually of a dull color.

Meanwhile, the term sapphire comes from different languages. It can be derived from the Latin word “sapphirus”, the Greek term “sappheiros” or the French word “saphir”. All terms mean “blue stone”.

Thanks to their hardness, all colors of sapphires can be sued in industrial applications. It is mainly used in components for movement bearing and watch crystals. It can also be used in scientific instruments, insulating substrates in special-purpose solid-state electronics as well as in high-durability windows.

uses of yellow sapphire

In ancient times, the yellow sapphire is believed to be a legendary helper of Ganeesh, a Hindu god. As Ganesh is said to bring prosperity to your home, yellow sapphire can bring wealth and abundance to your life.

In addition, throughout the ages, Indian merchants have carried and worn fine sapphire in order to enhance their business success. When worn or carried, with a portion of the stone touching your body, it is said to increase your earnings. This stone is also placed in cash boxes. Most people were also cremated or buried with sapphire placed in their mouths in order to ensure abundance and wealth in their next life.

Yellow sapphires were also known as the oriental topaz in the ancient world. It was an important crystal of leadership and wisdom. This stone is believed to empower those in authority in order to make just and right decisions. And since it guided the path that a person was on, this stone was also referred to as the Guru. According to traditions, yellow sapphires were also embedded into crowns bearing a cross. Lastly, this stone was said to protect its wearer from snakebite.

Yellow Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Yellow sapphire is most commonly used to increase financial earnings and attract wealth into your life. If carried or worn, a portion of the crystal itself should touch the body. This way, it not only helps in bringing financial abundance but also assists in the manifestation of any vision you wish to realize.

As a professional support stone, this crystal can be used to increase awareness of higher principles among historians and archaeologists. It can also stimulate the wisdom and mind of executives, writers, and ministers. Also, it can be used to increase good judgment and discernment in lawyers and journalists.

Yellow sapphire also brings the wisdom of prosperity. So, not only does it attract financial abundance and wealth into your life, but it also has the ability to manifest your creative energy into form via action. It can stimulate your intellect, assisting in the formulation of goals and ideas. It encourages the exploration of moving in a new direction and brings joy and excitement expectations about the possibilities in your life.

Yellow Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Yellow sapphire also helps in the alignment and development of your personal will with the divine. It expands your consciousness in order to accept the overall view and see when your vision and plan fit in the bigger picture. Not only that, but it can also lend the perseverance needed in order to overcome challenges and obstacles. Also, it helps you understand that not all blocks to success are counter to the divine will.

So, whether it is a problem with divine timing, or you just need to learn a lesson by overcoming the challenges, the sapphire can help discern the difference between being called upon in order to overcome an issue and beings asked to move in a different direction.

The Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is not only a beautiful crystal. It is also brimming with healing and metaphysical properties that can benefit all aspects of your life. Here are some of the best benefits of using sapphire.

For Physical Healing

The sapphire crystal is suitable for boosting your vitality and physical energy. Thus, it is an excellent support crystal. When taken as an elixir, this crystal can help in the elimination of toxins and waste substances from your body.

yellow sapphire For Physical Healing

Not only that but this stone is also known for restoring balance in your spleen. Also, it has been useful in the treatments of the liver, gallbladder, and digestive systems. Furthermore, it is beneficial in the treatment of blood disorders and alleviates excessive bleeding. It helps in strengthening your vein and improving its elasticity.

Yellow sapphire is also known to ease issues of the ears. It helps in easing dyspepsia and flatulence. Moreover, it is also known to help with cerebral congestion, skin problems, tumors, and abscess.

For Emotional Healing

Yellow Sapphire for emotional healing

Yellow sapphire is a lively crystal that can re-energize and revitalize your emotional system. It can help you feel more joyful and excited about the possibilities that life has to offer.

Not only that, but this stone can also encourage the expression of your feelings and ideas with more confidence. It helps in overcoming procrastination and fear. Then, it lends the courage needed to take the risks required for great creations to manifest and come about.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The yellow sapphire can activate your solar plexus chakra. This is the energy distribution center and is known as the chakra of relationships. The solar plexus chakra is located just between the navel and ribcage, controlling your digestive and immune systems.

yellow sapphire For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With this chakra balanced, you are free of infections and allergic reactions and can properly ingest the nutrients you take. Also, it removes any fear, displeasure, or disappointment of other people. With the energies of the sapphire, you are free to interpret the world through your emotions and thoughts. You don’t live in fear of violating or not being up to the standards of other people.

Not only that, but the energies of this crystal can also help in enhancing your creativity and leadership skills. It also helps in enhancing your gut intuition, mental acuity, and intellectuality.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck, and Abundance

As mentioned before, sapphire is a potent crystal for attracting wealth and abundance into your life. When you place this crystal in your cash box or home, it can attract good fortune and prosperity, increasing your wealth. Also, it helps increase your income and earnings.

yellow sapphire For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Wearing or carrying this stone can also bring good luck and fortune into your life. It invites financial abundance by manifesting any vision and turning them into reality. Not only that, but this stone can also bring you peace in your financial life and ensure the continuation of good luck.

For Relationship and Love

The vibrant energies of the yellow sapphire can bring joy and light to your heart. It has the ability to clear all the negativities that are affecting your outlook on life and your relationships.

Yellow sapphire can also bring the energy of solidifying new relationships and interests. It helps you see things in a different light. This stone can add clarity, adding zest, optimism, positivity, and meaning to your life and relationships. The darker yellow crystals are great when precision, decisiveness, or persuasiveness is needed. Meanwhile, the lighter shades of sapphire are best for newer relationships, helping in the establishment of good communication. It focuses on the needs of the people you’re getting to know.

In terms of romantic relationships, this stone can help shield you against negative emotions such as insecurity, jealousy, and distrust. It removes the fears you have in your relationship in encourages you to trust yourself and your partner.

yellow sapphire For Relationship and Love

It calms the heart and keeps you strong amidst the temptations and challenges in your relationships. It is also believed that using a piece of yellow sapphire can help in achieving a harmonious marriage and a loving and happy family. It helps you in removing the differences while fostering feelings of contentment, belongingness, and peace.

Not only that, but this crystal can also make you more confident about yourself and your relationship. It gives you a more positive outlook in terms of love and care. It corrects the imbalances in a relationship and gets rid of negative attitudes.

Furthermore, this stone can encourage you to let go of the past hurts that might be preventing you from enjoying your present and looking toward the future. It promotes emotional healing. This allows you to let go of bitterness and resentment. Also, it helps you overcome your fears and pushes you to take risks. This should help you experience new things and let you become more adventurous in your love life.

For Confidence

Yellow crystals are known for their bright and vibrant energies that can fill you with confidence and self-esteem. And sapphire is no exception.

yellow sapphire for self confidence

As it invigorates your solar plexus chakra, yellow sapphire resonates deeply with the sunnier aspects of light, happiness, positivity, and hope. This helps in transforming a lack of self-belief and confidence into new levels of possibility, enthusiasm, and strength. Its gentle luminosity also highlights your creativity, abilities, and talents in their full glory.

Like any other yellow stone, the sapphire can also nurture leadership qualities while boosting your self-worth and empowerment. It also helps in reversing feelings of failure and disappointment.

For Depression and Anxiety

Yellow crystals like sapphire are an excellent tool that can help calm and relax you. It helps focus your mind and erase any kind of tension in your head. Not only that, but it also helps in dispelling any unwanted emotions or thoughts.

yellow sapphire For Depression and Anxiety

The energies of yellow sapphire also invite mental tranquility and acuity. Thanks to its yellow sunny energies, this is one of the best feel-good crystals that can help combat a pessimistic outlook, anxious thinking, or negative attitude.

Keeping a yellow sapphire close to your body can also give you enthusiasm and hope, even if you are going through something challenging and difficult in your life.

For Career Success

Yellow sapphire is known as the crystal of knowledge. It attracts wealth and prosperity into your life by supporting your professional endeavors. It also has the ability to manifest creative energy via action.

yellow sapphire For Career Success

The yellow energies of this sapphire can stimulate your intellect and creativity. This helps in the formulation of ideas, innovation, and objectives. Not only that, but it also helps in strengthening good judgment and discernment. This helps you in making tough, but important decisions for your career.  Furthermore, it helps open up a sea of opportunities while bringing luck and good things in all that you set out to do.

Yellow sapphire also helps encourage the exploration of moving or trying new directions. It fuels your ambition while dissolving all kinds of fear and doubt that might hinder the attainment of your dreams. Also, it helps in maintaining your visions through difficult times and maintaining your faith that you will eventually succeed.

Moreover, if you need to start or finish a great project, overcome procrastination, or simply act to climb the career ladder, then sapphire can help you. It is also an excellent talisman that can support your efforts to professionally grow, develop new skills and capabilities, and transform your professional life for the better.

Combining Yellow Sapphire With Other Crystal Stones

The wonderful energies of the yellow sapphire crystal can also be paired with other equally powerful healing crystals to amplify its metaphysical properties and healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for a sapphire.


Yellow Sapphire + Sunstone

For motivation, physical energy, and vitality, try the energizing duo of yellow sapphire and sunstone.

With its vibrant energy, the yellow sapphire can boost your physical energy and vitality. In fact, it was mentioned before that yellow sapphire is excellent support when you are performing physical exercise. Particularly, however, this stone can awaken your vigor, vitality, and passion. This helps you effectively move closer toward your goals.

Sunstone, like yellow sapphire, is one of the best crystals for boosting energy levels. Thanks to its yang energies, this stone carries the regenerative qualities of the mighty sun and shines positivity on all your endeavors.

In addition, yellow sapphire helps in releasing your suppressed emotions. Also, it helps in erasing the negative energies from within. The sunstone crystal, on the other hand, can release you from the influence of negative people or shield you against the over-demanding energies of others.

Using both crystals, you can develop a true sense of happiness and joy. This combo is particularly suitable when you are going through a stressful period or feeling glum. They will surely brighten your day while providing an extra boost of energy so you can stay positive all day long.


Yellow Sapphire + Peridot

For another joyous combination, try pairing yellow sapphire with peridot.

The yellow sapphire is one of the best feel-good crystals out there. It helps in fighting against a pessimistic outlook or negative attitude. By keeping a yellow sapphire close to your body, you can experience enthusiasm and hope, especially if you are going through a difficult time.

Meanwhile, the energies of peridot will give you a cheerful disposition. Like yellow sapphire, peridot can clear any blockages in the solar plexus chakra. This way, you can release self-doubt and issues of confidence. Peridot takes it a bit further by also stimulating your heart chakra. This added benefit can help you release negative patterns, guilt, or obsessions.

By using both stones, the combined positive vibration can teach you the importance of happiness and self-love. It teaches you to take responsibility for your own decisions.


Yellow Sapphire + Citrine

Pairing yellow sapphire with a citrine can also induce positivity, optimism, and happiness in your life.

The yellow sapphire can encourage confidence, kindness, optimism, joy, and creativity. It does so by balancing the energies of your spirit, mind, and emotions. It also releases negative energies from other people. This improves your faith and hope, ensuring a confident approach when you are under stress.

Citrine, another sunny stone, can shine a powerful light of hope on any endeavor. Like the yellow sapphire, it restores balance to your solar plexus chakra. Thus, it also helps in the elimination of feelings of worthlessness or self-doubting.

Together, both stones can clear a dark path for you to move forward again. They can encourage a positive attitude and even attracts prosperity and success into your life.


Yellow Sapphire + Heliodor

For a combination that stimulates your solar plexus chakra, try yellow sapphire and heliodor.

The yellow sapphire is a powerful healer of your solar plexus chakra, thanks to its solid yellow color that resonates with the said chakra. It prevents you from suffering unhappiness and mood swings. Its happy and warm energies can cleanse your solar plexus in order to re-establish harmony. Also, it is an excellent stone for shielding you against negative emotions and energies from other people.

Heliodor is also a potent crystal that can activate and stimulate your solar plexus chakra. Then, it makes it even further by aligning it with your crown chakra. With its rich yellow crystalline structure and its name that means “gift of the sun”, this crystal inspires a happy, higher thought.

This stone is mainly used to provide mental clarity in order to reach your goals. It also has a restoring effect when you are lacking energy or feeling burned out. Also, it provides clarity during difficult situations and helps you in making the right decisions.

Using both stones, you can increase your confidence and self-trust in your ability to succeed. These stones can boost your patience and motivation while shielding you against the draining energy that can hinder you from reaching your goals and objectives.


Yellow Sapphire + Carnelian

For creative pursuits or stimulating higher thinking and wisdom as well as attracting luck and abundance into your life, pair the yellow sapphire with carnelian.

All kinds of sapphires are known as the Stone of Wisdom. Thus, the yellow sapphire makes a great crystal for those who are involved in creative or academic pursuits since it represents wisdom and knowledge.

This stone can stimulate your intellect and strengthen your intuition. Not only that, but it also helps in improving your physical energy and power while also increasing your wit and mental acuity. Overall, this helps you in formulating innovative ideas and better goals for all aspects of your life.

Meanwhile, carnelian with its vibrant orange hue has a strong energy that heals and supports the sacral chakra and boosts self-expression. This makes it one of the bests tones for awakening your hidden talents and skills and increasing your creativity. By directly healing your lack of passion or energy, carnelian can ease away procrastination and indecision. Then it replaces it with courage and motivation to move forward.

Yellow sapphire will stimulate your solar plexus chakra, bringing confidence and optimism. Meanwhile, the sunset hues of carnelian can harmonize and activate your sacral chakra which eliminates self-limiting thoughts and encourages inspiration. Both stones bring the element of happiness, curiosity, and playfulness which makes your life more interesting.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Sapphire + Yellow Topaz

This is a full-on yellow combination that will bring positivity and happiness to all aspects of your life. Pairing yellow sapphire with yellow topaz, you can see things in a different and positive light. These stones can add purpose and clarity to your life, shining your once dark and troubled path.

Also, with their energetic colors opening and stimulating your solar plexus chakra, both yellow sapphire and yellow topaz can direct potent energy to where it is needed the most. This brings you a real sense of joy and happiness while also stimulating confidence, optimism, and drive.

They add more vigor and zest to your daily life. This way, you’ll wake up every day feeling like a better and new person filled with excitement and optimism about what the day will bring.  In addition, their sunny, yellow energies can also fill your whole being with warmth and hope. Their yellow light of guidance can help you achieve enlightenment while remaining in reality with hope, love, and constructive thoughts.

Furthermore, another characteristic of yellow crystals like yellow sapphire and yellow topaz is the ability to attract prosperity and wealth. It does so by making you more professionally adept. It brings deep relaxation and positivity, stimulating a flow of innovative thoughts and ideas while also inspiring you to take risks and act for you to move forward and succeed.

Is Yellow Sapphire a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Yellow sapphire is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Yellow Sapphire is June 21 – July 21 Birthstone

The traditional blue sapphire is known as the birthstone for September. Historically speaking, sapphire was the birthstone of April.

However, the sapphires in yellow color are the natural birthstone for those born on June 21 – July 21, during the start of the summer. Yellow sapphire is known to bring you clarity, warmth, optimism, and enlightenment.

Yellow Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus and Pisces  

Yellow Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

All kinds of sapphires resonate well with the zodiac sign Taurus. Taureans are known to be strong but quiet. They are known for being down-to-earth creatures. They are realists and doers. Yellow sapphire can enhance these characteristics by stimulating the solar plexus chakra and instilling confidence. This crystal also empowers the Taureans to take risks in order to reach their goals and be successful.

Yellow Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Yellow sapphire is also a wonderful crystal for Pisces. Yellow sapphire is the stone for Jupiter which is also the ruling planet of Pisces. This stone can help the indecisive Pisces by directing its energy into the solar plexus chakra. This instills confidence and self-trust in the always-doubting Pisceans. Furthermore, this crystal can also stimulate Pisces to act and reduce their fear of taking risks. It helps in enhancing their creativity, manifesting success, and preventing procrastination.

Meditation with Yellow Sapphire

Meditating with the yellow sapphire crystal placed firmly on your solar plexus chakra can increase any intention that you set and radiate it to the physical world. Not only that, the vibrant and fiery vibrations and energies of yellow sapphire can also increase your sense of focus, will, and direction when meditating in order to conquer your goals.

How to Cleanse and Charge Yellow Sapphire?

Thanks to their toughness and hardness, yellow sapphires can be cleaned in almost any way.

However, perhaps the easiest and most convenient way of cleaning your yellow sapphire is by using warm soapy water. Make sure to clean it regularly in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on its surface. You can gently brush it with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Or you can also try using ultrasonic cleaners or steamers in order to remove debris. Take note, however, that even though yellow sapphires are highly resistant and stable to most conditions such as chemicals, light ad heat, they can still be damaged by mild acids such as lemon juice.

After physically cleaning your yellow sapphire, you can recharge it with healthy and positive vibes so you can enjoy its healing properties. Since yellow sapphire is prone to absorbing negative energies, it is important that you keep them charged and purified.

You can cleanse and recharge its metaphysical energy by soaking it in prepared saltwater or natural seawater. You can also try burying it in a bowl filled with salt. Yellow sapphire also likes to bathe in spring water.

How to Cleanse and Charge Yellow Sapphire
beautiful colorful sunset with sun rays

Also, you can try recharging it with the luminous rays of the moon. However, since it carries the vibrant energies of the sun, it is best to let it bathe under the purifying sunlight. Another way to recharge your yellow sapphire is by placing it on top of bigger quartz to cleanse and fill your crystal with positive vibes. Or you can also try smudging your yellow sapphire crystal.

Final Thoughts

Yellow sapphires are one of the best feel-good or pick-me-up crystals you can find. Their vibrant energies that symbolize the powerful sun rays lighting up a gloomy day will bring you positivity and enthusiasm. This stone will push you to act and be confident in all your endeavors.

Not only that, but this crystal can also attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your financial and professional life. It enhances your creativity and imagination while also providing the will and power to push through obstacles and move towards your life goals and objectives!


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