Picture Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses

Picture Jasper Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a powerful stone that acts as a window to the Earth. It can help in inner journeying to certain places and times in the past. It even connects to sacred sites. Picture Jasper is one of the best stones used in a ceremony working with the energy of Earth, particularly when you’re working with visioning or dreams. Furthermore, it’s considered the stone of the Earth Mother. In fact, it’s believed that she is using this variety of Jasper in order to speak to her children through pictures and patterns. Those who decipher such images are said to accomplish a sense of proportion as well as find harmony in their life. Keep on reading to learn more about the Picture Jasper.

What is Picture Jasper?

What is Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a sought-after and famous stone in the world. It is an attractive variety of Brown Jasper and it is best described by its seemingly and wonderful landscape pattern on the surface which is formed by nature over time.

Picture Jasper, on the other hand, is an opaque crystal of a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. One of the things that set this stone apart from others is that it comes with astonishing veining and banding that is made by petrified mud or silicate.

The notable colors of this type of Jasper are due to its high iron content as well as the level of impurities and minerals in the stone.

Picture Jasper comes with different hues of brown. Having that said, you will get a crystal that is brown with the same ivory, tan, blue or black shades existing as well.

When polished or cut, Picture Jasper shows very detailed images on the surface that look like pictures or scenes.

The Meaning and Uses of Picture Jasper

The name of this stone comes from Latin, Arabic, Greek as well as other ancient languages. That’s transcribed by the majority of researchers until it’s named Picture Jasper. The stone originally comes from Northwest, USA.

Nevertheless, this stone is said to have hidden messages from the past. It’s well-regarded in many different cultures of the world because of its association to the Earth, its capability to divine the future and the land and its protection in shamanic journeying. Perhaps, the stone is closely associated with the planet compared to other varieties of Jasper. In fact, it is considered the stone of global awareness.

Since it is highly attuned to the energy systems and electromagnetic fields of Earth, Picture Jasper can offer outstanding capability during meditation in order to unite with the Earth’s consciousness. This will allow access to the majority of records kept within the mineral database of the planet. It can also be used to view the history of the world and connect with the energies of ancient civilizations and sacred places.

On the other hand, Picture Jasper will encourage ecological duty. It will also serve as a reminder that a person isn’t here on the physical plane for oneself, but to bring substance and happiness to other people.

A protective and nurturing stone, it can ease fear and bring comfort, stimulating not only the root chakra in giving spiritual and physical energy for the but will also activate the third eye chakra to improve visualization. Picture Jasper will instill a sense of harmony and proportion, enlivening the initiative and creativity of a person. It is also a remarkable amulet that can bring your hidden emotions or feelings to the surface for healing purposes.

Moreover, this stone is beneficial when it comes to finding the power points and ley lines of the meridian system of the Earth for guidance when positioning a new construction like a home, when setting up an energy grid and for maximizing the transfer of energy in psychic or healing endeavors. Picture Jasper is resounding with the Earth-centered ceremonies and magical practices that employ elemental forces.

This type of Jasper also stimulates creative visualization. It is ideal for overcoming artist’s or writer’s block. What’s more, it is a great amulet for a psychic artist who is painting spirit guides. The stone will encourage initiative making it extremely beneficial in any business pursuit. If you want to stimulate vision, confidence and practical application to begin your business, carry or wear Picture Jasper.

Also, when you’re traveling internationally, particularly for backpacking or staying in other places, you can carry or wear it as well.

Since it is an ecological crystal, it can offer support in conservation as well as substitute forms of energy. You can utilize the Picture Jasper in your workplace or home to lessen radiation and technological and environmental pollution.

In terms of sustaining and healing the emotional and physical bodies during an extended hospitalization or illness or in injury, the stone does a great job. Its Earth energies will bring renewed vitality and gradual strength while assisting others to endure and understand these painful and frustrating experiences.

If you want to quit or cut down on smoking, you can take advantage of Picture Jasper too. The stone will get rid of risky toxins from your system over time. It will increase the necessary resolve to overcome emotional triggers and cravings that preserve behaviors.

Lastly, Jasper stones are said to boost fertility and are favorable to a happy pregnancy. Having that said, the Picture Jasper is highly protective, especially during childbirth.

Picture Jasper Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned, Picture Jasper is a landscape crystal that is said to help its owner or wearer look for its place in this world. When you have gone down a path or walked off the path you never intended, this stone is believed to offer space and time alone in order to sort things out.

Picture Jasper is also believed to help inner silences as well as toughen the reminiscence of early memories so that they can be comprehended and processed. Aside from being a practitioner of stone healing, it is also a potent grounding stone that can encourage connection to the earth.

Some people perceive Picture Jasper as a direct communication from the Earth, introducing a sense of proportion, alleviating fear, cultivating harmony and bringing comfort.

The Benefits of Picture Jasper

Here are the benefits of Picture Jasper that will surely encourage you to use the stone without any hesitation.

For Physical Healing

Picture Jasper For Physical Healing

Picture Jasper can help your body especially if you are dealing with illness or injury. It will make the recovery period quick after a prolonged stay at the hospital or prolonged sickness. The stone’s healing energies can also bring renewed vitality.

On the other hand, this stone will help you in quitting your bad habits such as smoking or drinking. What’s more, it ensures that you quit permanently. Picture Jasper will also get rid of the toxins from the body. It will make your stomach, intestines and kidneys strong. You can also use this Jasper variety to balance the mineral content of the body.

Moreover, the healing energies of this stone may help in boosting fertility and promote healthy and happy pregnancies. Aforementioned, Picture Jasper can offer protective energies to pregnant women during childbirth.

The stone is also thought to be effective in easing the symptoms of allergies, especially ones caused by chronic lung conditions and chemicals. It can also treat skin disorders. Picture Jasper can help in the treatment of bowel systems. It is effective against hernias as well as conditions affecting the prostate.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from obesity, IBS or chronic constipation you can also benefit from this stone. It can offer relief from colic, nosebleeds and other pains in the body. If you are feeling out of balance on a physical level or lacking enthusiasm you will surely find Picture Jasper extremely beneficial.

For Emotional Healing

Picture Jasper For Emotional Healing

Picture Jasper’s emotional healing will help you understand and at the same time see the bigger picture. Since the stone will nurture and keep your emotions balanced, it will ground your lower chakras using its Earth energies. This will offer with the wisdom and calm to remove your fears and then reflect on a life situation with wisdom.

With its emotional healing energies, the stone will inspire inner journeying and encourage you to connect with holy energies revealing past secrets to achieve a balanced life.

Picture Jasper is also said to carry the energy of protection, harmony and stability from all types of harm. It is also known to ease anxiety and fears. This stone will also make you brave and secure enough to surpass challenges.

Picture Jasper comes with remarkable healing properties that are beneficial to psychological or emotional issues. Further, it is known to encourage positive and good thoughts and enthusiasm and energy to be in action constantly.

Picture Jasper is a highly harmonizing and grounding stone that comes with a powerful association with the earth. Its grounding energies will offer you a tough sense of who you are, where you want to be and the journey you’ve taken.

This stone will also enhance your creative visualization as well as encourage a feeling of duty. When you’re infused with the stone’s emotional healing energies, you cannot help but have the covet to care and protect the planet.

Being a protective and caring stone brings comfort and peace when you are dealing with a painful moment in your life. Picture Jasper will remove all your stresses, fears, or anxieties that you are holding on to.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Picture Jasper For Chakra Healing and Balancing

All varieties of Jasper stones connect to the Earth and they can be positioned on the base chakra in order to energize and stabilize your physical body. You can lay it over every chakra, in turn, realign, cleanse and boost the aura and chakras. It will also balance the male and female energies and align the mental, emotional and physical body with the etheric world.

Picture Jasper, on the other hand, is perfect for activating the root chakra or base chakra which can be found at the base of your spine. This chakra will control the energies of kinesthetic movement and feeling. In addition to that, it is the foundation of spiritual and physical energies for the body. However, if this chakra is out of balance on a physical level, usually the symptoms will manifest as lethargy, a need for continuous stimulation, a low level of activity and low eagerness.

Moreover, when the spiritual energy is not balanced, you may feel unattached from reality, distant, or flighty. But by balancing the root chakra, your physical body will get back its stamina as well as strength. Furthermore, spiritual energies are rekindled in the sense of your own power and form of security. Often it will lead to spontaneous leadership and independence.

Picture Jasper is also considered the stone of vision. Thus, it can also be utilized in activating the third eye chakra or brow chakra. This chakra is the center of command and perception, directing the sight as well as the everyday consciousness of the world. As a matter of fact, our awareness can also be found in this chakra and we usually relate ourselves through it.

When the third eye chakra is in balance, your internal communication and thoughts within yourself self are vibrant and healthy. You are open to new visions, ideas, dreams, and most importantly, can control the energy flow in all chakras.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Picture Jasper For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

This stone is highly beneficial when it comes to business endeavors. Picture Jasper will promote confidence and initiative. As a result, you will be able to start your plans and properly execute them. It inspires practicality and vision in putting up your passion business or project.

With the presence of Picture Jasper, you will not be persuaded to do something that may possibly hurt your business or project simply because it sounds exciting and good. Picture Jasper will offer you a sense of stability and security. Although things are not happening so quickly, with this stone, you won’t lose your bearings. And of course, you will be able to handle everything.

On the other hand, this stone will emphasize that you can accomplish the things that you want and achieve your financial goals by believing in your own talents and skills. Picture Jasper will allow you to demonstrate leadership and independence. It brings the energies of vitality and abundance and promotes expansion and growth.  It will help you in balancing your thoughts and ensure that you’re communicating in a positive and healthy way. The stone will make a good flow of energy that motivates you to have new ideas, visions and dreams.

For Relationship and Love

Picture Jasper For Relationship and Love

With Picture Jasper, you will be able to bring all your hidden emotions or feelings to the surface. Whether they are hidden hatred, guilt, fear and anger or even lust, admiration and love, such emotions will be brought to the fore.  When it comes to such emotions, the stone works in order to disclose them so that they can be addressed properly.

Picture Jasper will help you in dealing with these emotions with positivity, lightness and courage. It will offer you the understanding and strength to endure all frustrating and hurtful experiences especially ones affecting you, your relationship and your partner.

The stone will offer you both the emotional and mental staying powers to work through the problems and process your experience positively. Picture Jasper instills a sense of balance as well as harmony in relationships that help you focus on essential things. In fact, you’ll spend lesser time pointing out or wrangling the flaws of other people. Rather, you will celebrate the strengths of others and help one to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Another great thing about this stone is that it will always remind you to see happiness even in the simplest things. Admit it or not, there are times that you are preoccupied with your relationship problem, work, and family that you fail to notice the small miracles happening every single day. Fortunately, Picture Jasper will instruct you to slow down, take a deep breath and appreciate life’s miracle which is LOVE.

Further, when you look at this stone from this point of view, all the challenges that you may encounter in your relationship will feel more conquerable and smaller. Picture Jasper is actually the stone of new beginnings. Thus, it can help you in making a new start and support you with your decision-making. It will allow you to discover your path to a new prospect and explore your new abilities.

Furthermore, Picture Jasper is a transformer stone. It can change your present romantic situation for the better.  It improves a romantic prospect if you are single and looking or simply feeling worn-out. The stone will give you a more positive and healthier outlook on relationships and love.

For Protection

Picture Jasper For Protection
Young woman using phone in a cafe, travel concept

Picture Jasper is a stone that has a meaning as well as properties of protection. During the ancient periods, it is highly valued as a stone that comes with sacred power.

This variety of Jasper can protect you against negative energies and crises surrounding you. it can also protect you when you are traveling. What’s more, it is thought to carry the energy of stability, harmony a well as protection from all types of danger. As a protective stone, it will guide you during painful moments of your life.

For Sleep Insomnia

Picture Jasper For Sleep Insomnia

If you are having a hard time sleeping, this stone also comes in handy. You can place a piece of Picture Jasper under your pillows or nightstand to protect yourself while you are sleeping. This will induce a relaxing and deep sleep as well as lucid dreaming.

For Anxiety and Depression

Picture Jasper For Anxiety and Depression

Aside from sleep insomnia, Picture Jasper can also be used to alleviate anxiety and depression. If you are not anxious and depressed, you feel secure and at the same time brave enough to deal with any problems.

It has excellent healing properties that are extremely beneficial to your psychological and emotional problems. The stone can promote positive and good thoughts and enthusiasm and energy to be in action constantly.

Combining Picture Jasper With Other Crystal Stones

The following are the best crystal combinations that you can use especially if you want to further enhance the powers and energies of Picture Jasper.

Picture Jasper + Tiger’s Eye

Picture Jasper will keep its owner or wearer down to earth. It will induce peace and serenity as it lessens stress. The cleansing effects of this Jasper variety will get rid of all the negative energies in the environment and stabilize the auric field. Since it has a strong connection to the Earth, Picture Jasper is a potent stone that will guide your way and dissolve the abrupt rush of panic and anger. Known as the “supreme nurturer”, this stone can offer strength, healing, comfort, stability and comfort like no other.

But when it is combined with Tiger’s Eye, you have a shelter of wholeness and peace. Another Earth stone, Tiger’s Eye is also using the power of the sun in order to carry stability and consciousness. It will also integrate one’s spiritual self into the physical world.

As the Picture Jasper imparts balance, the Tiger’s Eye can bring sharpness to inner vision. This, in turn, will allow you to understand the world completely and protect you from negative energies.

In addition to that, these two stones perfect for resolving internal battles and dilemmas, reducing toxicity and negative in life and encouraging emotional consciousness. As a result, you will have a stronger and better positive auric field that can bring stability and gladness into your life.

Picture Jasper + Heliodor

When Picture Jasper and Heliodor is combined, you will be reminded that you are in the physical plane not only for yourself. You’re also here to give love, joy and meaning to the lives of other people.

This combination can comfort you during your tough days. These stones will also get rid of your worries and alleviate your fears. Moreover, they will improve your visualization skills and boost your creativity. Whatever you want and whatever you have in your mind, you will find them a lot easier to accomplish because when combined, Picture Jasper and Heliodor will clear your mind.

On the other hand, this combi is perfect for overcoming writer’s block. Also, if you are an artistic person who is having a hard time looking for inspiration, you can use this pairing too. The stones will offer you continuous stimulation that may lead to higher levels of productivity.

They will influence your surroundings positively as well as bring stability, composure, relaxation and security to your life.

Picture Jasper + Pearl

The combination of Picture Jasper and Pearl will symbolize the wisdom obtained through life experience. These two stones will help you in learning the lessons from each experience. They will also make you stronger and wiser.

Moreover, this combination offers security and at the same time protection. You can do all your tasks knowing that you’re surrounded by the protective energies of these stones.

Whether held or worn or simply placed around your home, Picture Jasper and Pearl will offer a sense of tranquility and inner confidence that will allow you to address the unexpected challenges of life. Both stones are known for the calming and powerful effects and their ability to balance the aura.

They will center and ground you regardless of how chaotic or problematic the world gets.

With the presence of this crystal combined, you will strongly be anchored to certainty. What’s more, you will not become cynical and jaded.

Both stones, on the other hand, will enlighten the mind and aid you to identify what is wrong. They will make you understand that not everything is white or black is set in the stones.

When you obtain a healthier sense of love you will become more open to offering love to other people. Not only that but you will become generous as well.

In case you didn’t know, Pearl symbolizes steadfastness, loyalty and dedication. So when paired with Picture Jasper you won’t let go of the things that are important to you easily. One more thing, you will always do your best to perceive something until the end.

Picture Jasper + Lodestone

This combination is ideal for attracting prosperity and abundance. Their energies will draw in a what you want like business, wealth and abundance.

Picture Jasper and Lodestone will also stabilize and ground you especially when a certain thing isn’t going as expected.

Lodestone’s magnetic properties will offer you a more balanced and realistic perspective of life. When paired with Picture Jasper, it will guide you in your direction to your dreams or goals. As a matter of fact, these stones will offer the needed wisdom to make your decision and action.

They will work with you in order to all that you desire kike opportunities, people, situations and things.

Is Picture Jasper A Birthstone or A Zodiac Stone?

Picture Jasper is not a birthstone. What’s more, it is not specific to any zodiac sign. However, it is believed to bring Capricorn and Cancer patience as well as compassion. On the other hand, Scorpio and Aries are reported to take advantage of any type of Jasper, including Picture Jasper.

Meditation with Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper can offer harmonious and calm energies for meditation. It is also good for centering and grounding at the beginning of rituals and soothe the transitions to meditative states.

Moreover, this stone is especially conducive to uniting with Mother Earth’s energies and all levels of the energies of Goddess. The beautiful shadows, lines and shades of this stone are very conducive for visioning and dream work. In fact, it can also be used for foretelling the future or divination.

How to Cleanse and Charge Picture Jasper?

If you want to extend the life of your Picture Jasper makes sure to clean it after using. Like people, stones and crystals should be re-energized and at the same time be free from negativity. Doing so will regain the stone’s healing energies for the following use.

Fortunately, cleaning Picture Jasper is not a difficult task. To help you, below, we’ve listed some of the most effective ways on how to cleanse and charge this variety of Jasper.

  • Expose the Picture Jasper to the Moon and Sun

The simplest way to allow your stone to revitalize its power is to use the force of nature. In fact, a four-hour exposure to the moon or sun is necessary. All you need to do is place the Picture in the safest area possible. Keep in mind that too much exposure to heat might result in a color adjustment.

  • Use the Power of Mother Earth

For this method, you will need to get a sack, preferably a cloth one and place your Picture Jasper in it. Then, look for a clean and pure coil and bury it for one day. However, you need to make sure that it is not susceptible to pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

  • Traditional Cleaning and Care

Much like other varieties of Jasper stones, Picture Jasper is also durable. Thus, you can wash it using soap and warm water. To clean the stone thoroughly, you will need to use a soft brush or cloth. But, don’t use bleach or other harsh household chemicals in cleaning the Picture Jasper. After which, cleanse your stone until there is no soapy residue.

After cleansing and charging your Picture Jasper, wrap it using a soft cloth and then keep it in a fabric-lined box for maximum protection. Don’t mix it with other stones and crystals that may cause scratches such as a sapphire, topaz and diamond.

By the way, you can also use salt water when cleansing. However, it is not always advisable since it may scratch your Picture Jasper when applied incorrectly. Last but not least, if you are using this stone as a piece of jewelry, make sure to remove it before doing your chores and playing sports even though it is a durable one.

Final Thoughts

Picture Jasper works in our lives as the highest nurturer. It can sustain you during difficult and stressful times. It will also give you the needed to peace to remain standing as well as strong.

This stone, on the other hand, can absorb all the negative and bad energies that you may experience or encounter. What’s more, it works really to ensure that you remain affected and whole. Picture Jasper can offer you the strength to tackle any issues and enhance your capabilities when it comes to organization.

The stone will inspire your imagination while helping you to transform your ideas and thoughts into something concrete,

Finally, with the help of this stone, you’ll be able to accomplish a spiritual, physical and emotional balance the converts negative energies to positive ones.


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