Honey Calcite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Honey Calcite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Honey Calcite

When it comes to spirituality, Honey Calcite is one of the most significant stones that you can use. Said to hold the vibrations of confidence and strength, it can bring a wonderful deal of mental clarity as well as courage to stand for everything you believe in. Honey Calcite, on the other hand, comes with a lot of healing properties. In fact, it symbolizes personal power. The healing capabilities of this stone are crucial in terms of personal healing, particularly when winding back from painful losses. What’s more, they will offer you the strength to fight through the ups and downs of life. Nevertheless, the significance of this stone lies in the idea that Honey Calcite has the capability to guide you in the right direction of employing and recognizing your personal power.

What is Honey Calcite?

Honey Calcite meaning

Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate that has a transparent or semi-transparent appearance. Usually, its color ranges from pale gold and brown to golden. This stone is thrilling because a lot of people believe that it can help in getting rid of self-restricting thoughts and clear the mind.

Honey Calcite is also a common mineral found on Earth. The reason for this is that it takes different forms and exists in various types of geological environments. Nevertheless, you can find the best specimens of this stone come from Mexico. However, you can also find Honey Calcite in the Czech Republic, India, Brazil and Africa.

The Meaning and Uses of Honey Calcite

Uses of Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite comes from the Greek word “chalix” meaning lime. This stone has a meaning that brings back a good heart. Honey Calcite has been utilized to stop doing wrong things and even temptations. It will also eliminate your guilty feeling and make a new start. This Calcite can also release all bad things in your mind. Therefore, you can bring in a good relationship by having a pure mind again. Also, if you want to improve the flow of luck in your mind, consider using this stone.

Honey Calcite also has a meaning of leading individuals. Often, it is utilized to obtain skills and capability to be a great leader. When you’re in a management position or your job is to teach others, this Calcite stone can be a great companion. You can have support in order to gain reliance as well as respect from people surrounding you.

This stone, on the other hand, has a meaning that will make your will stronger. Honey Calcite has positive energies and is effective if you want to build more self-confidence. This stone will offer you the courage to move forward. Also, if you want to have a brighter future, consider using this beautiful stone.

Honey Calcite will focus, direct and ground your energies so that you’ll successfully complete your goals and finish the things that you need to do. It will also harmonize and activate the energies of the third eye chakra, root chakra and solar plexus chakra. This stone will even inspire your intellect so that you won’t overanalyze needlessly.

Honey Calcite may also help you look at your problems objectively so that you’ll find effective solutions. It supports your persistence as well as determination. What’s more, it can support mental alertness and promote a state of relaxation. It even helps with stress reduction.

Honey Calcite will encourage you to have determination and faith to stay away from your old behaviors. As a result, you will be able to obtain new experiences and move on a new path. It helps you overcome your adjournment and let go of all of your fears so that you’ll be able to release perceived blockages.

With Honey Calcite, you will be able to boost your energies gently. It can support you to overcome your problems associated with transitions and changes. This stone will also amplify your psychic capabilities, astral projection and higher consciousness. It’s also a great stone that can improve your memory and intellect.

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Honey Calcite is a potent amplifier and cleanser of energies. As a matter of fact, by simply having a piece of this stone in your room will remove all negativity. If you’re moving into a new office or house, place Honey Calcite stones around the space to offer it an in-depth cleansing before finally moving in.

This stone will also invigorate stagnant energies in your body. And since it is an excellent amplifier, Honey Calcite is beneficial when utilizing Reiki as well as other energy-based healing energies. It even holds energy and warmth thus it can be recharged with intentions and energies for forthcoming spiritual practices.

Moreover, the color exudes the Sun’s energy. This stone wants you to learn to brightly shine in life. Its spiritual energies will help you in acknowledging your personal powers and identify how to use them wisely.

The Benefits of Honey Calcite

In this section, we will talk about the many benefits of Honey Calcite that you might not know yet.

For Physical Healing

Honey Calcite For Physical Healing

Honey Calcite can be very beneficial in the treatment of kidneys and bladder. It also assists any problem concerning the reproductive organs of women. This stone, on the other hand, is known to support the immune system.

When you are using Honey Calcite on a regular basis, the stone may counteract the effects of immune deficiency or immune-suppressive medications. It will protect you as well as other people whom you love from any sickness. Also, if you’re fighting off infection after another, this stone helps in preventing sickness that may disrupt your life.

Another great thing about the Honey Calcite is that it speeds up the recovery time of a longer-term illness. It will even combat some of the side effects of medications that make the recovery process so difficult to endure.

Moreover, Honey Calcite can dissolve signs of calcification building up on damaged bones and on bones that are affected by arthritis. It can lessen intestinal conditions and skin conditions. Also, it increases the tissue and blood clotting healing capabilities of your body.

Honey Calcite will boost the immune system and relieve wounds and ulcers. You can also use it if you want to get rid of your warts.

For Emotional Healing

Honey Calcite For Emotional Healing

When it comes to emotional healing, Honey Calcite also stands out. This stone is all about making emotional intelligence so that you will be able to sort out the ups and downs and feel your feels but not get impenetrable into a certain way of thinking. With the bright energy of Honey Calcite, it will boost your motivation levels, thus you can finish all stuff.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Honey Calcite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

A stone of empowerment, Honey Calcite works with your solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra. This stone helps in regaining your own power by soothing worries and troubles during a challenging time. This, in turn, will allow you to understand how strong you are to continue through anything,

Aside from that, Honey Calcite will improve your willpower, motivation and confidence especially when you need it the most. The loving and gentle vibrations of this stone will calm your over-active anxious mind assisting inner peace and harmony.

Honey Calcite, on the other hand, works with your crown chakra. The Divine energy moves from the crown chakra down to the base chakra. This will raise your vibrations and amplify positive energies. As a result, you will continue on your trip of self-discovery.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Honey Calcite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Honey Calcite can stimulate the flow of energy in your cells. It will release whatever is blocking one’s productivity and creativity. This stone also has the capacity to fight procrastination and laziness. It helps you feel energized as well as full of vitality.

Honey Calcite will infuse your life with more hope, motivation and inspiration. It can support you to fight laziness and help you become more energetic in any aspect, particularly when it comes to finances.

Honey Calcite will silent the mind and help you access a certain situation. It can offer you discerning information and improve your memory. It will fortify your instincts so that you’ll know which of the information can be trusted and discarded.

In addition, this stone will offer you the capability to transform ideas into actions. The fact that Honey Calcite is called the Golden Calcite does a lot to inform everyone how connected to abundance and wealth this stone is.

It is the stone of dynamic thinking, optimism, and perceiving the silver lining to each cloud. Surely, it will not make you swayed that everything is sunshine and emblems that you miss the bigger picture, but Honey Calcite actually promotes positive and healthy perspectives.

When life is full of opportunities instead of justifications as to why your ideas won’t work, keep in mind that success is destined to follow. And when a pessimist tries and shoots your idea down, Honey Calcite may help you stand firmer with springs in your step and a big smile on your face.

For Relationship and Love

Honey Calcite For Relationship and Love

This stone is popular for its capability to get rid of blockages and negativity from the mind and heart. It can also remove traces of stagnant and sluggish energies that are preventing you from perceiving all great possibilities in love and relationship.

Honey Calcite can inspire mental energies so that you’ll be able to handle a relationship problem with a clearer head. It will also help you in striking a healthy balance between your emotions and thoughts so that you won’t be too emotional.

Honey Calcite might also assist you in leaving the past behind and being completely mindful in the present. Thus, you can step into the future with confidence.

This stone will also connect your mental body with your emotional body. Honey Calcite integrates thinking based on the heart into our daily awareness. Furthermore, it is especially beneficial when you’re learning new concepts, ideas and lessons.

Honey Calcite will help you in adjusting the way you think so that you’ll be able to make them one part of your current or future relationship. It will focus all your efforts on accomplishing your goals. It helps you find true love, have a secure and stable future and make a home for your family. Honey Calcite can all make these things a reality. It gives you the power to manifest the desires that you have. Moreover, it will deepen a relationship and solidify a plan for the future.

The stone will offer enlightenment in any aspect of your life. As a matter of fact, everything will be clear and you will enjoy your relationship and life with positivity and optimism.

For Protection

Honey Calcite For Protection

Honey Calcite is a very protective stone. It can actually protect you from unwanted psychic and physical attacks or negative energies.

Moreover, this stone can clear all the negative energies and blockages in the body. It transforms sluggish energies into stimulating ones. This, in turn, will boost all mental and physical functions.

For Confidence

Honey Calcite For Confidence

Honey Calcite provides arm energies that can promote strong confidence, a sense of playfulness and fun. Since this stone can clear all the blockages and soothe the sacral chakra, Honey Calcite can also improve your motivation and talents. Furthermore, this Calcite stone may help you in dealing with your old habits as well as overcoming nervousness and shyness.

For Career Success

Honey Calcite For Career Success

This stone has a powerful connection with accomplishing projects and high-effort tasks. When your own will is rooted, you’re more inclined to push yourself to have a successful career. Surely, the most difficult part is getting started, but Honey Calcite will encourage you to get up and get going.

Combining Honey Calcite with Other Crystal Stones

If you want to boost the powers of your Honey Calcite consider pairing it with the following stone.

Honey Calcite + Jade

Honey Calcite + Jade

When you combine your Jade with Honey Calcite, you’ll be able to increase and amplify its energy. This combination is actually ideal for different kinds of healing. When it comes to easing pain, Honey Calcite can be a great help. Jade, on the other hand, is proven effective in general healing and treatment for various conditions.

Having that said, these two stones will you accomplish a quick recovery when you are sick. They will even increase your physical strength. Moreover, this combination serves as a detoxifier and antiseptic agent.

Both stones will cleanse the elimination organs such as bowels, bladder and kidneys. Another great thing about this combination is that it helps in calcium absorption and dissolve clarification taking place on damaged bones.

Honey Calcite will strengthen the skeletal system whereas Jade will reduce the pains and discomforts connected to skin problems. Further, this combo will help the body’s clotting capabilities and speeds up the healing of tissues.

The energies of Honey Calcite and Jade can bring reconciliation to your life. In fact, this combination helps in saving a relationship that is broken already.

Honey Calcite + Pyrite

Honey Calcite + Pyrite

Both Honey Calcite and Pyrite carry vibrations that are helpful for the solar plexus chakra. In case you didn’t know, this chakra holds and governs the feelings of bliss and fear. Also, it is the chakra on emotional planes. When it comes to the physical plane, the solar plexus chakra will control the digestive system and immune system.

When you’re physically balanced, you’ll have the strength to shake off allergies, fight off infections, and get nutrition from the food you are eating.

Using Honey Calcite and Pyrite at the same time to stimulate, clear, cleanse and activate the working of the solar plexus chakra is a great way to sustain spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Both stones, on the other hand, also resonate with your Sacral chakra. This chakra is responsible for controlling sensuality and creativity. What’s more, it’s the center of the body’s gravity and therefore is accountable, along with the root chakra for keeping you connected to the world and grounded.

This combination offers beneficial effects on the sacral chakra and may bring it in accord with the solar plexus as well as root chakras.

But when your sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, this will manifest for people as feeling reliant on others, repression of emotions, fearful of sensualism and incapacity to experience happiness.

Use the potent vibrations of Honey Calcite and Pyrite to clear, cleanse, activate and heal your sacral chakra especially when you’re doing metaphysical work.

Honey Calcite + Chrysocolla

Honey Calcite + Chrysocolla

If you are doing something related to water, consider pairing your Honey Calcite with Chrysocolla. This stone is closely associated with the water element.

This combination can promote harmony on a universal level as well as a specific level. You can use both stones simultaneously to purify a surrounding and get rid of negative energies from people.

They are very gentle stones and their energies work in a harmonious and gentle way. Having that said, Honey Calcite and Chrysocolla can bring hope and ease guilt, fear and anxiety. You can also use this pairing if you want to reach out to the Earth’s spiritual forces. Meaning to say, any kind of magic, meditation and mindfulness that has to do with an emotional situation and magic that literally draws on the ocean’s power.

Both stones can aid you aligned the depths of emotional certainty and look for what you have got waiting under the surface. Yes, there are times that it can be a scary thing, but with the presence of Honey Calcite and Chrysocolla, you will have the curiosity and strength to do it. One more thing, you will have a positive energy to handle whatever you find.

Honey Calcite + Fire Agate

Honey Calcite + Fire Agate

Fire Agate is another great stone that you can combine with your Honey Calcite. This combination will help you in recognizing trust. As a result, you will not panic if you are in that period of your life creeping up on your often and seem to make even the simplest thing go wrong. In instances like these, it is very easy to feel victimized. But by meditating with the stones or simply sitting while contemplating their means, you will be able to give yourself the long-term thinking, wider perspective and overall spontaneous guarantee to know that even things collapse, better things are about to happen.

When you introduce the powers of Honey Calcite and Fire Agate into your life, you will become aware of how crucial that creative energies can be quick. You’ll notice yourself bound to make imaginative, new and risky decisions instead of just complying with what others tell you to do.

Honey Calcite + Apache Tears

Honey Calcite + Apache Tears

This crystal combination does a great job in dispelling negative energies. However, these stones can be unpredictable and come with a habit of searching for negativity before you are prepared to handle it physically.

Honey Calcite and Apache Tears when combined are a bit kinder in this respect. They seem to have more intuitive grasps when they should do their job and when they should take a rest. Using this combination, you will notice that you can constructively and calmly address negativity. As a matter of fact, they are powerful stones that can help heal from sorrow.

A lot of crystal combinations are good at removing negativity effectively and quickly. They get rid of the negative energies and make a room so that good energy can enter. But the combination of Honey Calcite and Apache Tears usually go one step further compared to them. This combination also heals the wounds actively that traumatic or tragic experiences leave behind.

Honey Calcite + Black Tourmaline

Honey Calcite + Black Tourmaline

Honey Calcite and Black Tourmaline are known to aid with panic attacks especially the ones brought on by confined spaces and dark places. By rubbing both stones in your hands, the feeling of panic will subside after a few minutes. They are also effective stress relievers.

These two stones will detoxify the body as well as heal the connection between the mind and body. With the energies of Honey Calcite and Black Tourmaline, you’re not just healing your body but providing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional detoxification as well. Thus, you’ll find that you sleep peacefully and you’re more inspired, alert and energetic.

On an emotional level, this combination can help you in taking care of your mental health. In addition to that, it will ground your body directly towards the earth. This will offer you a sense of stability and security.

From this moment, you will be able to look at challenges or problems objectively. What’s more, you can make wiser decisions about the best way on how to address them. They will get rid of negativity from your aura and encourage a laid-back and relaxed attitude to life. These two stones will help you become discerning and rational and to handle life with an optimistic mental attitude.

Honey Calcite + Amazonite

Honey Calcite + Amazonite

With this combination, you will be able to attain clarity of mind. Though you might not realize it, thinking about something too much isn’t good for you.

Honey Calcite and Amazonite will clear your muddled thoughts. They will also allow you to understand yourself better, what are your effects on others’ life and what is happening in your surrounding.

On the other hand, if you’re passionate about an artistic pursuit, these stones are perfect for you. Both stones can unleash your imaginative and creative side. What’s more, they can help you in all your projects as well as artistic visions.

If you want to manifest something in your life, Honey Calcite and Amazonite stones are also for you. They will motivate you to become braver and bolder to make all your dreams come true and keep trying.

This combination can bring a lot of happiness and joy. It will even show you can maintain this happiness and joy for good.

Amazonite is the stone of courage and truth. Once you paired it with Honey Calcite, you can anticipate being sanctioned by the truth. What’s more, you will be able to live on your terms and shrug off worries or fears that you have. These stones will ensure that your senses are in harmony with your environment. One more thing, you feel connected to yourself.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for empowering and strong stones that can guide you in life, Honey Calcite and Amazonite are for you.  

Is Honey Calcite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Honey Calcite doesn’t belong to any official birthstone chart. But that’s not to say that you should not utilize it as a birthstone. In the actual fact, Honey Calcite is associated with the Cancer zodiac sign.

Honey Calcite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Honey Calcite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

If you’re born under the sign of Cancer, then Honey Calcite is perfect for you. This sign that symbolizes a crab is very sweet. It also comes with more sensitivity compared to its peers.

The stone may help Cancer people to adapt to situations without getting caught in their net of emotions.

Yes, it is crucial that you feel all your emotions in order to process them, but Honey Calcite will help you to take a deep breath as well as process them without resting on thoughts for a long time that isn’t serving you. This stone will allow you to move over the world without feeling as if you may burst with happiness instead of feeling like bruised peaches.

Meditation With Honey Calcite

Meditation With Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is one of the best stones to use in meditation. It’s because it can improve psychic abilities and energy, that affect the crown and eye chakras directly.

If you want to use Honey Calcite when meditating, all you need to do is sit but in a seated meditation position. Then hold the stone in your less dominant hand to obtain its energies. Make sure to feel the support of flooring or cushion beneath you. If you do this, you’ll be grounded as well as supported by the energies of Earth.

Visualize a golden, bright light shining out from the belly area. It will shine brightly and extend out your body. Then you will need to repeat this mantra, “I’m confident, I’m inspired, and I’m ready to follow my dreams and heart desires.

Also, when meditating with Honey Calcite you will need to focus on getting guidance from angels, gods, higher self, or spiritual guidance.

You will be surprised by the beneficial information you will receive.

How to Cleanse and Charge Honey Calcite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Honey Calcite?

Cleansing your Honey Calcite is pretty easy especially if you pay attention to details. One of the most important things that you need is that this stone should not be washed in offer. Rather, you can simply use soft brushes to maintain the stone’s best shape.

Keep in mind that it’s best to charge or cleanse the bad energy of your Honey Calcite during the full moon’s cleansing power every month. Doing so will restore the healing energies of this stone. It will also balance them without interfering with the stone’s power.

Final Thoughts

When you notice that everything in your life is too much, Honey Calcite is one of the best stones that you can have. It is a highly beneficial stone that can help you overcome challenges.

When you begin to lose faith in your capabilities to pull over in the hardest trials and in your capabilities to transform things around, Honey Calcite will always be there to rescue you.

On the other hand, it helps you focus on the things that need to be done and shut down all the noise. Honey Calcite also works as your guiding light in your direction out of chaos and confusion. In addition to that, it will help those who are susceptible to abusing their power, whether unconsciously or consciously. It will make you mindful of the results of your actions as well as the lap effects forcing your personal agenda on other people.

This stone can also be used for a ritual that is associated with new beginnings. Honey calcite also helps in balancing the use of your personal powers.

It is a strong and gentle healing stone that has amazing healing properties. Also, is known to bring you stronger and better decision-making abilities.

Honey Calcite will also activate your chakras and bring them to harmony and balance. Lastly, it will help you find your spiritual direction.


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